A Unique View of Paris

Eiffel Tower and zeppelin

There are lots of neat things to do in Paris. Anyone who has never been should definitely check out the normal touristy things such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe. These locations are iconic and in many peoples minds, must sees. However, because these attractions are so popular, it can be very tiring to fight the crowds around them. If you are looking for a more relaxing time in the area, try heading a little bit north of the city of lights.

North of Paris, the landscape changes quickly. Buildings disappear and are replaced with vast greenery of parks such as the Parc Naturel Régional Oise. For a luxurious stay in this countryside, check into the Dolce Chantilly. Along with being a beautiful resort, it has everything you need for a relaxing couple of days outside of Paris. Visit the sauna and steam room and book a massage to melt all your stress away. If you wish to explore the outdoors, check out some of the hiking and cycling trails.

If you still want to see some of the tourist attractions, but want to maintain a relaxed state of mind, try a zeppelin ride. Airship Paris offers rides that vary in length and route. The hour and a half Chateau de Versailles destination flies over places such as the castle of Monte Cristo, the park of Versailles, and the Palace of Versailles. With a cruising altitude of 900 meters and a small cabin (it only holds about a dozen people), it is easy to enjoy the popular attractions in quiet luxury.

This zeppelin has gotten a bad reputation from the Hindenburg disaster, but Airship Paris is working hard to change that. It maintains that the airship is one of the safest ways to fly. Unlike the ill-fated Hindenburg that used hydrogen, this airship uses non-flammable helium to float. And, because of the helium, if the engines ever fail, the airship can float around until it can find a place to safely land.

France is a great place to visit, and there are ways to avoid the crowds if you want to. Venturing a little bit away from Paris is a good idea if you want to stay in a relaxed state of mind. For a memorable experience you can brag about, go sightseeing in a zeppelin. Very few people can claim they have seen Paris from that point of view!


French Landscape

Dolce Chantilly

Zeppelin Flying

Inside of zeppelin

view from airship

zeppelin in the sunset


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