Accessories Make Over a City -- Literally

It looks like a fairytale, a wonderland, a dream or a real-life Disney movie. What are we talking about: The amazing work of Belgian artist Leisbet Bussche and her larger-than life art accessories that adorn cities in France. Bussche’s specialty is accessorizing cities with giant jewelry art pieces. It truly is a breath-taking sight. From enormous earrings to friendship necklaces, the drape over buildings and roads. You can feel like Thumbelina just looking at the unique art.

 Her most recent artwork making headlines is a huge charm bracelet hanging over streets in Cagnes-sur-Mer, France (reportedly part of an installation from "Mirror, Mirror”). The piece is a tribute honoring, Suzy Solidor, a model-actress from Paris in the'30s and '40s.

It’s too bad she has yet to bring her work stateside. This art imitating fashion thing is very cool, in a very large way. How about it, wouldn’t you want to make over and accessorize your city?

Angela Di Laurentis

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