Accessorize the One Thing You Take Everywhere

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We're all now so accustomed to having cell phones with us all the time that we're becoming truly experience in not letting our favorite tech fall to the ground, thereby breaking the screen, cracking the shell or chipping the plastic. As such, many phone cases are much more about style nowadays rather than protection and why not? It's another thing that we can use to highlight our fashions or styles, so there's really no reason that a fashion-minded person shouldn't slap a case onto their cell phone.


An accessory that you carry everywhere? One that is nothing short of an extension of your style and utterly useful, too? The phone case. Early cases were nothing more than boring covers to protect your tech. Today, the cases are designed to show a bit of personality with graphic images, leather and metallic embellishment. And designers from Kate Spade to Lulu Guinness are even offering options. Check out my top five phone cases, perfect for a holiday gift or as a merry-merry to yourself. Read More

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