Accessorize Your Bath to Make It Stylish

The bathroom is the most frequently used room in the house, but can sometimes be the most neglected when it comes to decor and comfort. It really does not require that much to get your bathroom looking new, stylish and comfortable so you and your guests can enjoy a luxurious bathroom experience. No matter the decor scheme in the rest of the house, one easy way to keep your water closet looking fresh and inviting is to update the bathroom accessories. Here are some stylish and inexpensive ways you can improve, refresh and upgrade your bathroom from that basic room everyone uses to that relaxing and luxurious room everyone loves.


Window Curtains


People often leave the bathroom window bare or just cover it with some plain old blinds. The windows can become a vital part of your decor. Covering it with curtains instantly bring warmth to the room. Use curtains that match or nicely complement your shower curtains. You can remove the blinds or simple add to them. Tieback curtains add a nice stylish touch, or you could opt for one with a valance. For small windows where a curtain may be a bit too much you could improvise by cutting a piece of wood to the size of the top of the window and cover the blinds with wall paper to add some interest to the area. Clean your window treatment at least once each month to keep it looking nice and fresh.




Adding appropriate lighting is indeed a great way to accessorise your wash closet. People rarely give much thought to the lighting they use in the bathroom, but the addition of lighting fixtures that adequately illuminate your the bathroom can create a whole new feel in that space. Placing a lighting fixture right above the mirror allow those using the bathroom for the purpose of brushing and grooming to have a much better experience.


Lighting can be used to create a calming and relaxing mood that promotes comfort and totally new ambiance in the room. Choose the lighting according to the feel you want to create. You can make the room as bright or as calming as you want it to be. A chandelier can be added to your bathroom decor to promote an air of elegance and refinement. To create a more clean and modern look opt for recessed lighting as they distribute light more evenly within a space. For bathrooms where there are no windows skylights are a definite option as they will flood the bathroom with natural light and add a sense of increased space.


Knobs and Pulls


Assess your bathroom to see which knobs and pulls need replacing. Check your door handles, and drawers and all other fixtures. You may decide to change them all and use all brass, or mixed metal knobs throughout the bathroom to add a brand new and glistening look. Changing out your knobs and pulls is one of the easiest ways to kick start or add to your bathroom decor.


Add or Replace a Mirror


Mirrors are as wonderfully decorative as well as functional. Replace cracked and broken mirror as they make the bathroom look shabby. Large decorative mirrors add character to a bathroom space and while playing a functional role when you need to get dressed or groom yourself in the bathroom. They make a worthy investment.


Using Wooden Accessories


Wooden accessories will add a lot of character to your bathroom decor. These include your toothbrush holder, towel holder and toilet roll holder. The frame of the mirror you use as well as that of any artwork you add to the bathroom should also compliment the wooden theme.


Add a Statue/Art Sculpture


At times we have a sculpture or medium size statue laying around the house. They can become a nice addition to your bathroom decor. Maybe you know of a relative with a nice sculpture they have stashed away and have no intention of using. These can add a very nice personalized flavor to your bathroom.


Live Plants


Live plants add life, warmth and character to any space. In your bathroom you could opt to use a standing plant set in a strategic location where its presence and the effects it has on the room will not be lost. Be sure to keep it out of harm's way. If a standing plant will be too much for the space that is available then a small window or table top plant such as a creeper will do just fine. Tend to your plants and ensure they are kept happy and healthy so that they can in turn keep your bathroom looking nice and refreshed.


Changing your regular bathroom accessories such as the shower curtain and floor mats will give an instant lift to your wash closet. Look around your bathroom and develop a theme such as a colour or wooden theme so that you approach it with a plan in mind. This will help you to decide on the style and type of accessories you want to use throughout the bathroom.


Louise Penman is a professional interior designer. She particularly enjoys helping her clients make their homes look their best, and writes about her work frequently. For more home accessories, click here.

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