Add a touch of style and individuality with made to measure curtains.

Bedroom curtains

For me, no item oozes class and sophistication more than personalised, made to measure curtains. After all, it is items such as these that make our home luxurious and set it apart from the others on the street. Made to measure curtains have a number of advantages, and all of these will be explained here as I show you that made to measure curtains are the perfect luxury accessory for your home! 

Made to measure curtains have a number of advantages such as:

·         Style and sophistication: The main advantage to getting made to measure curtains is that you can choose the perfect style to suit you and your home. Everyone has a different taste in curtains, so you need to find ones that suit you. It may be the case that instead of curtains you would prefer blinds- these can be made to measure too. There really is no limit to the number of options available! Make sure you exhaust all the options and find the right curtains or blinds for you.


·         Exact fittings: Many old buildings have obscure window sizes and often this means that standard sized curtains do not fit your windows perfectly. As well as looking rather odd, this can also mean that you are unable to get a good sleep because light will come into the room. This can be a nightmare for those of us that work full time and need our beauty sleep! Made to measure curtains can be done to any size and shape, thus eliminating the problem.


·         Individuality: I don’t know about you, but I want my home to have an element of individuality and personality. This is provided perfectly through made to order curtains as you can match the style, tone and fabrics of your room due to the virtually unlimited choice of styles on offer!

For bespoke, made to measure curtains I would highly recommend Their range of styles and sizes varies widely and there really is something for everyone. Have a browse on their webpage and see exactly what they have to offer. Montgomery provided the blinds and curtains for my apartment and I have not had a sleepless night since. As well as this, the comments I have had from guests have been numerous!

Made to order curtains really are the perfect luxury accessory for your home. Go on, treat yourself today!


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