Adding a Unique Touch to Your Home with Accessories

Home decor can be used in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes. By using style and design, a space can be turned from a blank canvas into somewhere alive with personality. One of the best ways to do this is to use accessories to add a unique edge and bring a space together.

What Style?
Home decor serves a number of purposes, ranging from the practical to the pretty, but altogether can create a fantastic space that is not simply functional but is also a place to enjoy and truly relax in. Going contemporary or vintage is a major decision and some people with creative flair sometimes succeed in combining the two. Of course, actual vintage can come with a hefty price tag, but lots of stores and online outlets specialize in retro vintage, bringing certain eras to life. Whatever style you choose, stylish accessories put the finishing touches and can really lift a room and make it special.

What To Buy?
A well-placed candleholder or even a paperweight can go a long way in supporting a theme. An animal theme is a good reason to purchase those owl candleholders or paperweights containing delicate dragonflies. Whatever the theme is, don't overdo it. Subtlety is the key. You could express your passion for a hobby, with some carefully chosen memorabilia and stylish home accessories. If your passion is cricket, for example, an old framed print of the Lords cricket ground and some porcelain cricketer figures would fit the bill. The theme doesn't have to hit visitors in the face. If floral displays float your boat, how about a felt magazine rack in the shape of a flower?

Some people like to choose a decade or a fashion from yesteryear and choose stylish home accessories to promote it. Fitting out a kitchen in the style of the 1950s has been particularly popular in recent years. Picking out teapots, storage jars and teacups from this era is a lot of fun. The design touches from the 1960s also have their fans. Cushion covers and rugs in swirling, psychedelic patterns are very effective against plain sofas and carpeting. Others might prefer an Art Deco drawing room, straight out of the 1930s, with suitable vases and mirrors to match. The Art Nouveau movement, so exemplified by the designer, Rennie Mackintosh is also popular. Mackintosh influenced designs are available today, from pieces of furniture to the smallest items of cutlery.

It's in the Detail
No detail is too small when it comes to designing a living space. Snazzy, chrome bookends will make a modern statement, whilst a row of tea lights in the conservatory will hark bark to more relaxing times. Pull all these threads together, decide on a colour theme and your house will become a home.

Hunting for accessories is so much fun, especially when you're trying to create a whole look. It's a chance to be imaginative and bring out your creative side. That rococo photo frame or stainless steel mirror in the shape of a rabbit may get more comments than the more conventional furniture in the room.


Candice Simon is a regular contributor to a range of interior design websites and blogs. Specializing in home decor, she is an expert in stylish home accessories and the art of unique room dressing.

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