Adele Wedding Dress Rumors

Grazia Daily

While there isn't much of a foundation around the rumors, it seems that there's a possibility that Jenny Packham has been asked to design Adele's wedding dress. While this might stir up a lot of excitement for many followers of either music or fashion, they should wait until the story is solidified before blogs and tweets get out of hand.


Adele hasn't yet confirmed her engagement to charity entrepreneur Simon Konecki, who is the father of her child, but the rumour mill is working in overdrive with talk that the singer may have chosen her dress designer. The woman at the heart of the gossip is British fashion stalwart Jenny Packham, whose celebrity fans include the Duchess of Cambridge, Dita Von Teese, Kate Winslett and Angelina Jolie. So no one that A-list then, eh?

Kate Middleton has been a long-time supporter of Packham, having worn the designer on her official tour around Asia and the South Pacific last year, as well as on the red carpet of the BOA Olympic Concert in May 2012. Read More

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