ALANA HALE: Hollywood Girl Fashion Preview

Alana Hale, previewing her clothes at the West Hollywood Club, SUR LOUNGE (whose owners are featured on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) made a smashing debut at her fashion party.  To characterize the look of ALANA HALE, you need to know that Hollywood is indeed, a "Planet" populated with girls who want sexy, un-serious and statement making clothes that are not for the shy or faint of heart. In the Fall Collection she uses chiffons, laces, leathers and a neutral faux fur that finds it way into jackets, trims, even a skirt that is attached to a naked mesh bodysuit trimmed in lace.  My favorite piece was the leather shorts, trimmed in lace, that begged to be worn with matte tights, ankle boots and silk layered top, so I was totally into Alana's world.  I am very happy to see an emerging designer who can embrace what the "Hollywood Girls" want and she knows that this girl, can translate into big sales for those who aspire to be 'discovered' one day at the drugstore counter.  

Alana herself, has a happy-go-lucky sparkling personality and her ideas about sexy classics, will work well for the coming seasons. I am looking forward to seeing how she'll translate the next set of Hollywood Trends.  

The future looks very bright, for Alana.

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Pikke Allen

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