Alessandra Ambrosio's Orange Print Trousers

Alessandra Ambrosio's Pants


Alessandra Ambrosio made an interesting choice when it came to rounding out her ensemble. From top to bottom, it started out well with a black tank top under a button-up blouse but took a turn for the curious when she finished off with a pair of bright orange tropical print pants. Now there's nothing wrong with loud pants, and she even accessorized with a matching orange bag, but loud colors draw the eye and those pants didn't exactly accentuate her legs or hips, so why did she chose them?

Alessandra Ambrosio shone in a vibrant and coordinated orange outfit on arriving at Los Angeles Airport on Saturday.


Wearing barely any make-up, she looked stunning in some bright trousers when she landed at the airport after a trip to New York.


The Brazilian model, 32, matched her orange, leaf-print pants with an orange croc-skin patterned bag, used as hand luggage.

The beauty added extra interest to her outfit with some orange prayer beads worn as a necklace.


Although the model looked a little tired after her travels, she still looked incredible, with a glowing tan and shiny hair. (Read More)


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