Alex Mercer Jacket - Game Prototype

Alex Mercer Jacket

Everyone wishes to get out of the stressful realities of this world for once and enter in a world where they can live their life king size. There is no way to live your imagination than through a game. An arena where you can defy the laws of nature and experience the thrill that becomes an essential part of your living. The game developers have always competed against each other in terms of amazing storylines and visuals. This time, Radical Entertainment won the hearts of millions by bringing an action packed game into the market. We are talking about none other than “Prototype”.

The game is revolved around the character of Alex Mercer, a passionate and brave guy who is determined to eradicate the epidemic called Black Light. During this journey, there are a series of obstacles he has to face, which you would love to overcome. Roaming around the streets of Manhattan New York was never so much fun in the virtual arena. The game got its praises not only because of the stunning visuals or captivating plot, but also because of the amazing outfit sported by Alex Mercer. We wish to make you look as ravishing as Alex Mercer; hence we present to you, the Alex Mercer prototype jacket.

Made from the finest quality leather, the jacket’s attention grabbing factor is the fiery red collar. In order to neutralize its raging effect, the designer has put in white stripes on the sleeves, making the jacket look extremely classy. The polyester lining of the jacket is definitely a comfort adder to the jacket, whereas the zipper of the jacket gives it a modern look. The pocketing of the jacket has been established as per your standards. So if, you believe that you deserve to look out of this world this season, then this piece is destined to be yours.

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