Alexa Chung Shares Details on Upcoming Book

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Although details are scares on what fashionista Alexa Chung's book is going to include, she has hinted that it's going to contain a good number of photographs and drawings, leading us to believe that it's going to definitely follow her views on style and clothes rather than a full-blown autobiography. However, that's still to be determined.


ALEXA CHUNG says that working on her upcoming book has been no easy process, but that it's starting to gather momentum now.

"It's good - it's really fun! I had a meeting with them [her publishers] this morning actually. It was a struggle before as I'm so visual - that's how I learn and imagine things. So when I was sending writing to them it was hard as I couldn't envisage it at all," she told us. "But then they sent me the proofs of how it will be laid out and we're deciding where to put images and stuff. I literally have cut-outs of pictures I've taken and I get to be like: 'That one goes there'. It's one of my favourite things to do." Read More

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