Alexander Wang Using Comedy This Season

Alexander Wang

Looking to break away from the regular seriousness of the fashion industry, Alexander Wang is reviving an old Mad TV sketch to promote his T by Alexander Wang collection this season. Available today, head over to to watch the hilarity unravel.


Last season, Alexander Wang featured fashion’s favorite Mickey Mouse-wearing badass, Azealia Banks, in his T by Alexander Wang ads. But for Spring ’13, he decided to go a completely new route: a comedy sketch. “We wanted to do something different, outside of music, and I wanted to bring humor into our campaign,” Wang told But we’re not talking just any comedy sketch. Wang has revived MADtv’s 2007 “Bon Qui Qui” segment, a cult classic in which two decidedly disgruntled employees of the fictional King Burger berate, harass, and pretty much verbally assault their hungry (and often baffled) customers. Read More

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