Amanda Bynes Ponders Own Fashion Line

Amanda Bynes via Twitter

So another young celebrity wants to have her own fashion line, huh? I'm not sure if Amanda Bynes is deserving of notoriety like this, but chances are good that if she really pursued couture some label would pick her up in a heartbeat.


If you're not yet concerned about Amanda Bynes, and you're chalking her behavior up to a mid-mid-life crisis (we all have them, don't we?), this might just tip the scales for you: she's designing a fashion line, and while that's not cause for concern just yet, just go ahead and clean your ears out, because this is what Amanda had to say about it:

“My line will be a mixture of sick styles, and it’s going to be for everybody."

Which is cool, right? There's nothing hotter today than "sick" styles, and who doesn't like all-inclusiveness? Read More

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