Going Heli Skiing In BC Is An Adventure You'll Never Forget

No bucket list is truly complete unless it includes the phenomenal experience of heli skiing in BC, and no life is complete unless it includes the real thrill of this amazing adventure. Nowhere else can you indulge in some of the most spectacular panoramic views while enjoying snow conditions that previously only existed in your wildest dreams. Mother Nature loves the Revelstoke and Golden British Columbia areas and continuously rewards the beautiful scenic atmospheres there with copious amounts of light, dry powder for the mind-blowing experience that is heli skiing in BC. Having the proper gear ensures each adventurer reaps the most out of the experience while staying safe. A quality pair of sunglasses or goggles, gloves or mittens, moisture-proof layered clothing and a hat allows the opportunity to adjust to the changing temperatures while avoiding interference with the body's flexibility. 

When you book your heli skiing vacation with a company like Bella Coola Heli Skiing, you are ensuring that you’ll not only get amazing views, but guides who are there to help you get the most out of your experience every step of the way. Experienced guides bring more than two decades of safety knowledge and experience of Canadian back country skiing and exceed all safety standards. While the goal is to produce the finest in heli skiing experiences, safety is always their first concern. Each guest also carries a safety pack, which includes probes and a snow shovel.

Companies like Bella Coola also employ technically trained helicopter pilots seasoned in the skill of mountain flying and their knowledgeable teams of advanced engineers ensures around the clock maintenance to all helicopters. These companies aim to produce the finest of extreme skiing experiences while cultivating an atmosphere of safety for all of their guests, so security is never something you have to worry about.There is no end to the spectacular adrenaline-fueled adventure of a lifetime that is heli skiing as you immerse yourself in every moment of the ultimate in extreme recreation. One of the other factors that truly separates heli skiing from any other kind of group winter adventure is the intimate size of the groups involved.

Each group consists of only four guests, which translates to having an entire mountain all to yourself and a few of your closest friends or family! Only you and your three guests are carving up the mountainside. Pristine, unmarred, dry, lighter than air snow, awesome verticals everywhere and jaw-dropping vistas are just a few of the details combining to create an amazing heli skiing experience that is sure to last you a lifetime. Another thing about these kinds of vacations is that they can often be customized to suit your needs and desires. Bella Coola, for example, offers a variety of packages from which you may choose, from 2 to 6-day vacations. Endless miles of incredible terrain, perfect snow conditions and phenomenal skilled guides comes together to produce the most exhilarating experience in the world – plan an amazing heli ski trip today, and go see for yourself!


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