Amber Lounge Fashion Show for Princess Charlene of Monaco with Hayari Couture Paris and Hayari Parfums Paris!


Hayari House is the only place where affluent women play it safe. Of course, the ultimate luxury is Beauty and Beyond! Hayari World have a host of surprises that makes every woman wonder! l call it Cozy, other women  call it Comfy, but both Cozy and Comfy are the ultimate watch word for the Hayarians!



Standout Luxury,  Jewelries, Fashion and Lifestyle House is a Modern Must. Hayari House of Paris has an Aesthetic Harmony, Complimentary Colorful Wears, and Meticulously Engineered Parfums with Exihilarating Fragrances. The indulgence of expert hand-craftmanship in the Parfums and the cut-and-sewn embroidered features of the elaborate dresses is Breathtaking.  During the Amber lounge Fashion Show for Princess Charlene of Monaco, top model Liliana Matthaeus  angular body lines showed it all like the reminiscent of a bird of prey!

This is what l call a shining standout with a rightful place at the table of  International recognized designers: Nabil Hayari and Hugues Alard. Boldness threatens the weak, they say. These two Gurus Crowned as the Best designers of our time. Described as the Visceral Materialization of Vision, Ardor, and Luxury Lifestyle Modernity, l personally applaud you guys............!

For an open air experience, nothing compares to the availability of Hayari trio Parfum fragrances, "Only for Her",  "Broderie," and "Goldy". Since a true measure of luxury is personal service, Hayari parfums delivers a feeling of fulfilment, contentment, and Luxury. They are immeasurable and fashionable!


Hayari parfums, designed to be truly Exceptional, with standards set to exceed the strongest competitors. Every detail is one-of-a kind and breathtaking. You will be pampered by the supple surfaces of the designer bottles and the packaging which opens up like a Flower wrapped by master craftsman. You will discover the decorative Elegant French neck of the bottles, and the Floral Fragrances creating a feeling and reality that imparts an ample sense of confidence. At least, l was privileged to experience the direct effect of these well crafted Fragrances.


Another  Hallmark of modern luxury parfums by the Hayari House is,  the parfum samples are now available in 5 ml elegant bottles. The availability of the 5 ml parfums makes it  possible, for everyone to experience the remarkability of the contents.

Contacts: www.hayari-couture.com, www.hayari-parfums.com


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