American Apparel Launching at Tokyo Fashion Week

Courtesy Huffington Post

Controversial and confusing, American Apparel is reportedly launching at Tokyo Fashion week… we know. Strange.

Tokyo Fashion Week became an official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week last year, was purchased by IMG and has been growing ever since these developments. But the fact remains, why would a USA-manufactured brand that has never walked the runways in a show debut in Japan?


“We wanted to do something new this year.. JFW seemed cool because it’s a newcomer on the Mercedes-Benz fashion week scene and Tokyo is a city that is very open minded to new, creative ideas, particularly when it comes to fashion,” Katherine Johnson, AA’sRegionalManager for Japan & China told a source over email.

“We approached the JFW organizers with the idea to do a presentation and after-party and JFW really liked the idea.”

“Japan is an interesting market for us and a lot of our recent collaborations have been very successful here.. so it seemed like the perfect place to break the rules in a way.. I think we might be the first brand without an appointed designer that’s showing at a high-profile Mercedes-Benz fashion week, so we’re very very excited about it.”

Bending and breaking the mold again, the American Apparel way.

Felena Black

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