An '80s Movie Continues to Inspire American Trends

American Gigolo

Whether or not you like the movie American Gigolo is irrelevant, what's impressive about this '80s flick is that designers, and thereby customers, are still being inspired to rock fashions that came out in an otherwise forgettable movie.

Released 33 years ago this month, American Gigolo remains in our culture's consciousness as an iconic film, despite the fact that most of us have only seen the movie chopped up as a TV rerun. And let's face it, as a murder mystery, the film offers a hell of a lot more style than it does substance. But that's okay. Because for a movie that is essentially about being undressed, Richard Gere's breakout role as LA hustler Julian Kaye is a lesson in wearing luxe sportswear. The entire film is textbook '80s hedonism: sun, sex, sports cars and shopping. Read More

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