An Insider's Look at Interviewing Celebrities

Francine Brokaw

Celebrity journalist Francine Brokaw has released a book titled Beyond the Red Carpet: The World of Entertainment Journalists and she dispels many myths about covering the entertainment industry in the text. One of the primary myths that she discusses in an interview with Glamour is that the job is only briefly fun now and then and actually involved a lot of hard work.


There have been several reports lately about Rihanna's now infamous 777 Tour. Long story short: She invited journalists and fans to join her onboard a tricked-out Boeing 777 for a 7-day, 7-country tour, but lack of planning has left the passengers cranky, hungry, tired, and kind of Lord of the Flies-level crazy. That's the thing—being an entertainment report does mean meeting and interviewing celebrities, but there's a much less glamourous side few know. In her new book Beyond the Red Carpet, veteran entertainment journalist Francine Brokaw share her (and her colleagues') own experiences in the industry for a look at what it's really like. Read More


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