Andrej Pejic and Playboy

Courtesy Huffington Post

 Now this is a mind boggling idea to wrap your head around. First let’s address what kind of model Andrej Pejic is, an androgynous one, a recent trend in high-fashion photo shoots and luxury label campaigns. This means that gender traits are ambiguous and this young man or other models possess both girl and boy-like traits.

This has made Pejic highly sought after in the industry as he has often fooled many (think Toyota commercial) when pulling off the feminine look; and it is a bit uncanny exactly how ambiguous his look is. HE was recruited at the age of 17 and has since taken the industry in an androgynous storm.

He has graced the pages of Vogue and high fashion runway shows with the biggest designers. Needless to stay the media attention has only grown and as the Huffington Post reports, this man may have more options on the horizon. Playboy. Could Pejic crossover and pose in the men’s magazine? Read on to find out at the Huffington Post.

Allie Montgomery

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