Anna Dello Russo designs accessories for H&M

Eccentric Vogue Japan editor Anna Dello Russo has revealed her new accessories range for H&M.

Known for her bold and outlandish dress sense, Dello Russo’s new collection will be available from 4 October. Expect trashy gold, chunky statement jewellery and piles of embellishment.

The chain has released many limited edition collections with the world’s top designers including Versace, Karl Lagerfeld and Jimmy Choo, raising their credentials as one of the most stylish chain stores on the high street.

Dello Russo said at the exclusive ADR for H&M preview: "As a stylist I know accessorisation is essential: it is the personal touch to any outfit… With these pieces everybody can have fun, turning an ordinary day into a fantastic fashion day."

The news has caused mixed reactions on Twitter:

@TashRSmith “Not really sure if a large enough number of consumers know about Anna Dello Russo to buy into such an outlandish accessories collection.”

@JaneGRAZIA “Now this is VERY exciting RT @Grazia_Live: OMG: @annadellorusso has designed accessories collection for H&M!”

@AmriRahim “O M G. Next H&M collab announced! The fabulous @annadellorusso to work on a range of accessories. I die.”

@YunesFashion “What's going on with this world if even ADR does a collab with H&M."

Olivia Pinnock

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