Anne Hathaway Explains Why She Wore Prada to the Oscars


Although everyone was expecting Anne Hathaway to show up to the Oscars in a custom Valentino Garavani gown, she still looked elegant in the Prada ensemble she wore but there's no doubt that the original dress would have been incredibly superior. In any case, Hathaway explained that the Valentino dress would have been too similar to one of her peers and she had to make a last-minute decision to switch her outfit.

We were seriously hoping for Anne Hathaway to wow us in a custom Valentino creation at the Oscars after getting confirmation from the house itself. But, as the story goes, she wore Prada. It was a particularly rude sartorial snub since Valentino Garavani himself designed a gorgeous wedding gown for the Les Mis star, and she hung out with him on New Year’s Eve. Hathaway has been quiet about the matter, and we ourselves have concocted a good number of explanations, but now the actress has released an official statement on the snafu. Read  More

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