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Canadian Batteries Have What It Takes, No Matter What The Weather
By: Leona   |    November 26, 2012   |   0 Comments (0) (0)


Batteries are an essential component of our day-to-day lives, whether we know it or not. In fact, they’re often quietly hard at work keeping every element of our day running, while we go about our business, completely unaware. It’s almost a sad fate, if you think about it – batteries do some of the most important work in our lives, but we only really notice them once they’ve stopped working, if they fail or malfunction. But understanding more about batteries and the ways in which they work can benefit us in any number of ways – starting with the changes it can bring about in the ways we treat our equipment and vehicles.


Batteries are used for a wide range of application, from powering vehicles such as motorcycles and ATVs and regular old cars, to keeping industrial or agricultural operations working. Batteries can also be used for other applications you might not think of as immediately, such as providing an emergency back-up power source for those who live “off the grid,” or powering marine vehicles and golf carts. Batteries are also a way of storing and using power that’s energy-efficient and cost-effective. Using solar panels, inverters, and chargers to collect power for  rechargeable batteries can be beneficial both to the environment and to your wallet, given the amount of money it saves on other, more wasteful and less reusable forms of energy. In short, almost anything you can think of that requires energy can – and often does! – get it from batteries. That said, it’s important not to confuse the fact that batteries can have a number of uses with the fallacy that the same type of battery can work well with all kinds of different equipment. This is especially true when it comes to vehicles; batteries for things like motorcycles, cars, golf carts, RVs, and water sport vehicles often come with different specifications, and it’s important to make sure you’re using one that fits with your vehicle’s particular qualities. These types of batteries are generally called “sealed lead acid” batteries. Their construction prevents leakage, which does the double-duty of providing a better-quality product for an extended period of time while also pre-empting any health concerns that the chemicals inside the batteries have the potential to cause if unsealed.

When it comes to traditional sources of power, things like your regular hydro hookup are often no match for harsh weather. Blizzards, thunderstorms, hailstorms and other weather conditions can often result in power outages, and having a strong battery to help generate backup will keep you out the dark and warm during freezing temperatures. Usually, extreme cold temperatures will also cause issues with most batteries and power sources, in some cases causing them to fail. This can be avoided by sourcing your batteries from a company that’s familiar with the unique challenges harsh climates can put on otherwise reliable power sources. Batteries from a company like Canadian Energy (http://www.cdnrg.com) that are “Canada-proof” have a much better chance of withstanding harsh conditions than batteries manufactured in warmer or more temperate locations.

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