Are Dwyane Wade's Conspiracy to Comit Crimes Against Fashion a Felony Yet?

Dwyan Wade

Image from Buisness Insider

Dwyane Wade's attrocious attire hasn't been missed by anyone, but now it's come to light that these aren't spur of the moment judgement calls, but fully premeditated murders of the poor man's dignity. Just when will this butchery of men's fashion, and flagrant disregard for the laws of decency, be put to an end?


Dwyane Wade only looks like he threw on whatever was in his closet.


Business Insider brings us the latest news on the peculiar fashion choices Wade brings to the NBA playoff podium.


It seems the wardrobe he dons every night has been picked out long beforehand, making these something of a premeditated fashion crime. Someone alert the proper sartorial authorities.


The Miami Heat star has a fashion consultant, because no self-respecting NBA player would be without one. Calyann Barnett, the fashion-forward person behind Wade's more audacious clothes, was on with ESPN's "Mike & Mike." (Read More)

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