Arts and crafts of from myself and other members too

Myself with one of my paintings working on it


My Blog is based on arts from and some others to help promote artitsts who are members and myself also to sell more art and grow more as artists.  With photography, painting,scetching,there are many different forms or mediums of art found at fineartamerica's site.  Myself, I mostly stick within acrylic painting, photography,some colored pencil with my Mandala's too.  There is also quite allot of digital art at this site as well.  They give you so many ways to learn how to promote and sell your art online there with facebook fan pages, Bloggs,twitter,even discount codes for peopleto buy your art at a more fair price too.  You also recieve a free website that you can customize to your style there too.  As you can tell I really enjoy this site a great deal and do plan to continue promoting and supporting it as much as I can too.  Along with some very awesome other members I have come to know through the internet there too.  I try to update my Blog every week with either my newer photo's or paintings, ect... Or with other great members works plus there facebook pages and blogs they may be reached at too. So this is my Blog in a nut shell spelled out for you and what you can look forward to seeing there and maybe even going to purchase some fineart prints too since there will be so much to choose from you are bound to find something you will enjoy too.  A.B.


Now living back home in the country of Northeast Oregon with family caring for disabled members there and working on my painting and photography interests for the past five years now. I did work at a local hotel housekeeping for a short time then at the local elder home as a nurses aide. Before this five years I live in Sacramento, Ca for a couple of years helping homeless, then on the east c...(Read More)

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