Ask Taylor: Rentals


Jazzy Jazz asks, “Where may one go to rent a gown, dresses and accessories at a reasonable price? I need a reasonable website to rent a gown and accessories.”


Taylor’s Answer:

 Dear Jazzy Jazz,


First of all, cute nickname! It’s very, shall we say, jazzy.


Regarding rentals, I’m unable to endorse any particular company due to the fact that I have not worked with one for renting gowns so I’d rather not since I won’t be able to vouch for their credibility. However, here are a few tips on rentals in general as you browse around during the wedding planning process:


1.      Always, always, always read the fine print: Don’t be naïve in thinking all is fine and dandy. Since you’ll be renting personal items, be sure to know what you’re getting into and what the consequences might be in the event that the items you rent are lost, stolen, etc. Also, be sure that you get all fees clarified prior to signing any rental agreements so you don’t end up paying additional fees you were not aware of. Also, make and keep copies of everything. Make sure to write down the correct style number, item number, sku #, etc. to be sure that what you paid for is what you received.


2.      Obtain wedding insurance: It’s always best to expect the unexpected. With wedding insurance, depending on the type of policy you select, you will be covered in the event that the vendor goes out of business, fails to show up, etc. Some policies even cover loss of deposits. At Elite Soirée | Luxury Weddings, all clients are required to obtain wedding liability insurance, and I’d recommend the same for you regardless of your budget. It’s very, very affordable with some plans under $100. It’s worth having for piece of mind on your wedding day.


3.      Order with ample time in advance: Since you won’t be using your own items, be sure to order all rentals with ample time in advance in the event that what you receive is not what you ordered. If you give yourself enough time, then any errors can be corrected without you having to incur additional rush shipping fees. Waiting until the last minute will only cause frustration, and that’s the last thing you want on your wedding day.


4.      Thoroughly research for any bad reviews: Whenever I’m researching a company, I always read the bad reviews first because I already know why I’d consider spending money on that particular company, so I’m more interested in knowing why I should not. Sometimes a few companies do, unjustifiably, receive bad reviews from irate customers for no valid reason. It happens, and it’s unfortunate, especially for online companies, but it also does help in the decision process of whether or not to use that company’s services and/or products. Take what you read with a grain of salt since not all bad reviews are correct, but research thoroughly before renting any items.

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