Aston Martin Android Phone a Complete Miss

Aston Martin Androids


You would think that with Aston Martin behind the helm, the Aston Martin Aspire should have been a technological work of beauty. However, it ended up ugly and underpowered, the complete opposite of what we’re used to seeing from the luxury car company. 


Bond might be saddled with a Sony, thanks to Sony Pictures producing 007′s recent outings, but he should be glad he's not stuck with this polished turd-of-a-phone. Meet the Aston Martin Aspire, an Android phone that no one should ever buy for $1,300 - it's no Vertu that's for sure.

It comes in five colours, black, white, silver, gold and rose gold - because you know your blinged-out phone has to match your gaudy gold-covered fingers. Continue Reading

D. McMillin

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