Attractions to Visit in Milan

Opera House La Scala


The overlap between the sites suggested from these articles is proof alone of just how spectacular those locations in Milan, Italy, really are. Even still, you might get inspired by a few of the items throughout these pages as nearly any of the places discussed are, in their own right, worthy of the trip to Milan by themselves.


What to do, where to go in Milan?

Milan is the financial and fashion centre of Italy. It can’t compete with the historical sites of Rome or Florence, so it is often added to an itinerary on the second or third visit to Italy or as a stop on the way to Lake Como. I’m not sure why this happens. Milan is one of my favourite Italian cities to which I return year after year.

Here is my list of the top five places to visit.

1. The Duomo

Because of its position in the heart of Milan, the Duomo is usually the first stop when visiting the city. Don’t miss a walk on the roof, wandering among the spires and statues and taking in the breathtaking views.

You can read about the Duomo here. Read More


MILAN is a city which pleasant in Italy. Various interesting tourist attractions and many historic buildings standing and waiting for your visit. Wherever your destination, Milan will always offer the beauty of his city. In addition to shopping, many places in Milan which also presents a fun and exciting experience.

Here is the 8 interesting tourist attractions in Milan, Italy:

3. Opera House and the Museum of La Scala

La Scala, is one of Italy's historic opera house. Attending an opera at La Scala is a peak experience for fans of opera, but you must book tickets in advance. La Scala Museum has a collection of musical instruments, drawings, sculptures and musicians you can see the auditorium of the box and backstage areas. The museum is open daily from 9:00 to 17:30 am local time. La Scala is famous tourist attractions in Milan, Italy. Read More


     Milan is one of the hottest tourist destinations in northern Italy, where you can find all the important spices for your unforgettable vacation. Milan is also known as one of the fashion centers of the world and, moreover, it is a beautiful city, which is fulfilled with numerous historical landmarks, modern buildings, green parks, fantastic shopping centers and countless modern amenities that provide all your comforts. Even just a short walk within the city center will be transformed into a really passionate and special experience, because of a stunning mixture of architectural styles and buildings. Yet, you can come across some of the most impressive Gothic architectures in Italy. What about a cup of coffee in a small, but scenic restaurant? The choice is also immense, because you can take full advantage of numerous exquisite restaurants, cafeterias and other cozy eateries. Nevertheless, the Top 10 attractions in Milan, Italy, are definitely ten irresistible places to include in your travel list. Here they are. Read More

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