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Australian Dance Debutes In Dublin



The Dublin Dance Festival in Dublin, Ireland is once again turning heads, this year at the Project Arts Centre. Bringing with it a distinctly Australian style, famous for its athletic and physical nature, the festival promises to be a pleasant experience for audiences of all ages, with special focus for both young and old.

The Dublin Dance Festival is always comfortably familiar. Now on its third artistic director, the festivalís format hasnít changed much since itís inception in 2002, even if the individual artistic choices have.

As ever, the bulk of the programme will be based at Project Arts Centre and includes childrenís performances, a film strand, outdoor performances, master-classes and, returning after a hiatus of a couple of years, headline acts at the Abbey Theatre.

There is good reason why this template works. Catherine Nunes, the festivalís founding artistic director, spent years making the case for a festival through feasibility studies and consultations, so she could judge the best multiple points of entry into contemporary dance.

Michael Pearse

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