Australia's 5 Most Popular Expatriate Cities
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Australia has been one of the primary choices for migrants from all over the world for many reasons and it has been continually populated since the colonial times. What makes Australia such a popular expat country, among other things, is the high standard of life and thriving economy. Its natural beauty also attracts people, since it is home to many indigenous species of wildlife not found anywhere else in the world. Also, it is one of the most urban states, with almost 70 percent of the people living in cities. The lifestyle of the people is mostly based on Western culture, but since there are people coming from almost 200 different nationalities living in Australia, it is more eclectic than only Western. But, perhaps the most important reason as to why so many people are drawn to Australia may be that people living there have the feeling that, if you have the necessary skills, vigor and patience, a new life is obtainable.

So, if one decides to move to Australia but hasn't secured a job prior to arrival, it would be best to move to one of the big cities, since they offer more job prospects. Also, the cities are thrilling multinational centers with many nationalities intermixing. Among the most popular choices are Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.


This city, third in size in Australia, is a popular expat city, and one of the reasons may be its climate, which is very mild. Apart from a great job market, it boasts a lively art scene, with many museums and galleries. One of its most famous galleries might be the new Gallery of Modern Art. The architecture is an eclectic blend, mixing together the colonial times and modern architecture. In Brisbane can still be seen buildings from the period of colonialism, one of which is the Old Commissariat Store.


The city offers many assets, and the people who decide to move there will enjoy not only one of the most multicultural cities of Australia, but also the city voted as one of the best cities to live in. still, it is one of the most expensive cities as well, but this fact does not prevent it from being continuously populated still. It is a young city when it comes to the people, and it is no wonder that there are many cafes and nightclubs to pick from.


The city offers not only high quality of living, but also a unique cosmopolitan experience. It possesses magnificent beauty of nature, in addition to being one of the most culturally diverse cities of Australia. Apart from the many great outdoor recreation options, it has a thriving cultural scene as well. Also, those with children need not worry since the educational system is one of the best in the country.


There are many reasons why the city is believed to be the most popular expat city, and one may be the booming mining industry. Since the city is surrounded by mines of oil, gold and iron, no wonder why so many people move there in search of a job. However, it offers many more job opportunities apart from those in the mining industry, and a job can be procured very soon upon arrival.


The city is perhaps a little less urbane than the other expat cities, but it can be refreshing since it is far less crowded and far more pleasant to live in. however, the salaries are a bit lower than those of other cities, but this is equated by a lower cost of living. Also, Adelaide has the most affordable places to live than any of the other cities of Australia.

So, once you have settled in your new home, you will most surely need to purchase a car. Given the geography of the country and the distance between the cities, this may be the best means of transport. In Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane there are car brokers from which you can procure discount new cars.

There are many cities to pick from when deciding to move to Australia and one should choose according to what would most work for you personally. Every city is unique and beautiful in its own way, so you can expect an exciting and diverse experience in every one of them.

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