Avoid Drone Strikes with this Fashionable Hood

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There has been an unprecedented outcry against drone strikes lately and now fashion designer Adam Harvey has come out with some garments that render the wearer nearly invisible to drones. He mentioned that the small collection isn't really made for the battlefield, but rather as a political statement against drone strikes in general. What's your take on this "functional" fashion?


If you are worried that drones are going to soon track your every move, you will soon be able to pop on a hoodie or burqa that will make you all-but-invisible to eyes in the sky.

The fashionable and security-conscious can now purchase "Stealth Wear," clothing made from a silver-infused fabric that reflects heat, thereby making its wearer invisible to thermal imaging cameras.

The line's designer, Adam Harvey, has previously designed an "anti-paparazzi" handbag that issues a counter-flash if a sensor inside the bag detects a camera flash and the OFF pocket, which kills a cell phone signal. Read More

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