Ban Gioc Waterfall

Waterfalls, in generally, are one of the most beautiful sight seeing because their beauty is undeniable. Waterfalls become beautiful because of the art of the water falling from the high cliff. Ban Gioc Waterfall, in particularly, is famous for it’s beauty and tourists under its charm. The name Ban Gioc is derived from the Montagnard languages spoken in the area, and is sometimes spelt Ban Doc.
From Hanoi go along highway 3, it is about 300km to reach Cao Bang province,
There are two ways to Ban Gioc waterfall. You can use a motorbike and go along Tra Linh – Tong Cot road. The second way by conquering Ma Phu mountain pass then passing Quang Uyen giving them the chance to discover this famous mountain pass 3 km from Ban Gioc exists a beautiful and long cavern called Ngao Nguom.
Quy Son river ( also known as Quay Son river ) rising from China, gently winds its way through many villages and provides a plentiful source of water for both Vietnam and China. At a 35 m hight – point of the common border between Vietnam and China, the river pour out to the shape the famous belongs to the Guangxi province of China. The sub-body of the falls is located in area of Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province of Vietnam. Ban Gioc is 53m high and 300m wide. It has three layers with a large number of different size columns of water form the peak create spectacular scenery of wild water .
The falls were likened to graceful silk that express the beautiful of Cao Bang. However summer was the best time for tourists to watch the most imposing sceneries of Ban Gioc, steam of water combined with sunshine to generate lots of interesting and beautiful seven colored – rainbows.
At the foot of the waterfall is a large river with glassy surface and ancient forests, surrounded by many precious kinds of flowers. In the early 1920s, cottages were built by the French people. Tourists would come here to relax and fish for “tram huong”.
Areas nearby the falls seemed to be experiencing endless forest rains. The end of falls lies in the Chinese region. Ban Gioc become attracted Tourists. Ban Gioc is the fourth biggest waterfall in the world after the Iguazu falls between Brazil – Argentina, the Victoria falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe and the Nigira falls between Canada and the USA.
Ethnic people often carry goods to market at dawn by tractors and returning in the late afternoon. As well as a market held on Sunday on the face of the Quy Son river, the market on the land helped visitors understand more about the customs and habits of local people.
The atmosphere in the mountain was quiet, with no noise or pollution from cars. The sight in Ban Gioc Waterfall as a poetic and beauty of water, forest and cloud area mixed with village atmosphere of mountainous ethnic minorities. In Cao Bang you can also enjoy some famous food such as egg rolls, fried fish or wild vegetable and Bac Giang hotel is the biggest here.
Ban Gioc Waterfall is an imposing grandiose waterfall that capture the immigration.


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