Batman/Superman Teamup: Hey, DC Comics, It's the 21st Century!

Somebody posted a comment on the article DC pairing Batman, Superman in new title on Yahoo News: “Excuse me, wasn’t that done years ago with ‘World’s Finest’?” Another comment is: “Maybe DC will be Disney’s next purchase.”


DC has been rehashing the same characters and doing the same things with them they developed in the 30′s for, well, whats 2013 – 1930? Roughly 80 years. And, yes, “World’s Finest” was a title that teamed up Batman and Superman. It was first published as a 96 page comic for 15 cents in 1941 and suspended in 1986.

So, what’s new about the latest rehash of the Superman/Batman teamup? Well, without seeing the comic itself, I’d say it’s just another attempt to try to bring these geriatic characters into the 21st century and retell their origins, conflicts, in hopefully new ways that will appeal to a generation appearing 70 years later.

Come on. How old are both of those characters? They were at least 20 years old when they first appeared so that makes them probably over 100. Not that I want to appear to be hypocrite, having preached against age discrimination in previous blogs, but I have to say, “Get with it, DC. The reason Marvel is kicking your butt both comic wise and movie wise is because you are still trying to revamp 1940, whereas Marvel is inventing 21st century characters with 21 st century origins and 21 st approach to 21 st century problems.”

Superman/ Batman teamup? Yawn. Might try that for a movie (which I think they are considering) rather than once again bringing in that wimp Robin to flit around in his yellow and red uniform. (One more movie featuring Robin…oh, wait, it already happened in The Dark Knight Rises. I was so hoping I’d never see that little twirp again.)

And for heaven’s sake don’t even think about AquaMan and Wonder Woman. Well, maybe Wonder Woman if she was done right.

Another comment says, “Maybe Disney will buy out DC.” Well, let’s wait on that one before we see what they do with Star Wars. DC might end up with Polyanna- ish figures having even more difficulty overcoming their image by becoming darker and more bad.

But, if DC under new and fresh ownership can come up with new characters to replace the old and stale, it would definitely be a step in the right direction. And not just counterparts to Marvel’s stuff. The operative words are ‘new and fresh’. New background stories, new conflicts, new villains, new –up-to-date– superscience.

But then again, these characters also have to gain a following and that will be difficult and take time since, and I’m guessing, comic books don’t have quite the sway over the populace that they did back in the decades of 40′s through 70′s.

So it’s going to be hard to bring them forth into the movies. A few movies like Dredd based on DC’s “Judge Dredd” and “Jonah Hex” and “Watchmen” came and went without a lot of fanfare. Green Lantern bombed because it was one of DC’s venerable “oldies” and the 3d and special effects…uh…were awful.

So DC is in a quandery. The only two characters anybody is interested in is Batman/Superman and these are really, really getting hard to revamp.

Here’s a suggestion. Team up each of these characters with new, more modern guys. Then if audiences like them, give them their own movies. Maybe Disney can provide them with partners like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck.

No, that won’t work. They’re both from the 40′s too…


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