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Crocojoly is one such outstanding store, treating you to rare leather goods, some of which come from the very exotic animals such as crocodiles, sea snakes, cobra, ostrich, python, lizard and shark. There is a wide range of products available. For instance:Wallets and pursesHere you will get genuine and antiqued leather wallets and purses from crocodile,ostrich, lizard and many other animal skins, both for men and women. Be it small or big purses, they are all available, some of which have an interior design made in a way that the compartments open like an accordion's bellows.


Handbags and briefcases.

Handbags have become very essential in people's lives, either for carrying personal belongings or electronic gadgets as a means of bolstering security. From Crocojoly, the bags themselves are in good shape, with the best of leather quality. They have been dyed in such a manner that they can be carried on the shoulder, no matter the color and type of dress because they do not leave traces of a fading dye. There are high quality rustic bags, which won't cost you a fortune to purchase and besides, they are fit for any function. Whether it is for personal use or as a birthday gift for a friend, the leather bags and briefcases from crocojoly can serve the purpose. The detailed list of the bags is available here.



Leather belts look very elegant, alongside the comfortable feeling. They are meant for men and women, a reason why crocojoly specializes in both types. All are made of genuine leather materials from cows, snakes, crocodiles and at times a blend of all these that results in very durable materials. This is the best contribution you will ever add to the general principles of fairness and decency, having multiple designs and colors to select from, not forgetting the friendly prices. Some of the belts that you expect, and that have kept recurring and referred customers are highlighted below:



Besides these fashion items, the store is renowned for the small accessories that are sometimes hard to find. For instance, you will find good trends of card holders, key holders, key chains, document holders and money clips.Key holders are made from pure leather material, the design of a purse but there are many types to suit specific tastes. Card holders are also related closely to the key holders, but they are a bit wider to perfectly fit various card sizes. They are tightly lockable from the top, adding a feature of security to your most valued cards. All the holders from crocojoly are made of leather, and it depends on the kind of leather that you will prefer.

Document holders from this store are made purposely for holding small and valuable documents such as passports and identity cards, and they too are made of pure leather.Images of document holders



Crocojoly offers multiple payment options to its customers for purposes of convenience. The U.S payment service through is accepted, alongside other money transfer services such as Western Union and MoneyBookers. For the buyers who want to use direct bank transfers, they are given bank details upon request such that all potential customers are able to shop from the convenience of their homes around the world. Special offersThe store gives a special offer routinely, and most of these are discounts that are taken off the various goods. The list of items that are on offer is often on their website, and besides you will find the expected buying price below each item, ranging from wallets, purses, belts, briefcases and handbags.

Similarly, you can purchase gift cards from the store, and they are available online from as low as $30, which you may give friends to come and shop with, at the store.ShippingThe shipping services are divided into standard and express, whereby standard shipping services take two or three weeks for the goods to reach you but there will be communication along the way to ensure safe delivery of the goods.

For any orders that exceed $400, crocojoly offers free shipping services, but only if you prefer standard shipping. If the orders are too big, they are at times split into two patches for convenience and ease of transport because they use the air mail means for all standard shipping.Express shipping on the other hand takes a maximum of one week. However, extremely remote areas may experience delays in delivery but it is an easily traceable process.

The cost of express shipping depends on the weight of the orders.Return PolicyOffering one of the best return policies, you will have a period of thirty days within which to return the goods and they ought to be in the same condition as at the time of purchase. Though they do their best to ensure that the goods are delivered in good shape, sometimes damage may happen along the way. In this case, where you receive damaged goods, they offer a replacement at their own shipping costs. However, in the event that you are not pleased with the kind of goods that you chose, you are allowed to return them within the same period, but you will have to cater for the shipping costs.

The return process is simple, because you simply visit your online account and initiate a return of the goods.Additional servicesSome of the additional services include a friendly customer care service, where all your worries are settled. Besides, you are allowed to make a wish list, where you will also compare various items in your basket before you choose to buy. Indeed, crocojoly is the ultimate source of joy when it comes to shopping.

Conclusively, leather has been every person's dream, but it's time you realized it does not take a whole fortune to own a leather commodity. Join the family of joy and happiness at Crocojoly and experience what it feels to be part of one of the most entrusted leather outlet stores in the world.

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