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These are somewhat uncertain times, and without sounding paranoid I really think that the level of trust between people has dropped significantly. And this is a bit of a paradox, our technology has progressed to the point where we are constantly connected and where we can easily be captured on film, and yet people are more promiscuous and less careful about how they behave in public than ever before. Another side effect of the cyber age is that we are exposed to sexual experiences from a very young age, and increasingly intimate acts are becoming more and more acceptable between complete strangers. What’s even more interesting is the level of physical contact that people perceive as cheating.

When talking about themselves anything but full on penetration is just some fooling around, but when asked about their partners, people felt that even a kiss was cheating. These are some serious double standards, but a great majority of people is guilty of it. It only seems appropriate to find a simple and surefire way of gathering information about your partner’s activities if you begin to suspect he or she is unfaithful. So why not simply hire a private detective? What are the benefits of taking matters into your own hands?

Private detectives can be expensive

Hiring a private detective seems like the logical thing to do – after all that’s what everyone does in the movies. So you just waltz into their office give them some cash and their on your case, right? Well, not exactly. You see a private detective will ask you about what you need and will then estimate what kind of equipment will be involved and give you a quote. They usually charge by the hour, with your basic price about $50 an hour, while the really good ones can go over $100 an hour. And this is just your base price. If you consider that there might be some travel expenses involved the price can go up significantly, often requiring a substantial deposit. Another thing to consider is that you are going to need to trust some intimate details of your personal life to a stranger and you won’t be broken the news very gently if something turns out to be amiss. If you take matters into your own hands you can save a lot of money and you won’t have to talk about your personal problems with strangers.

Modern surveillance equipment is inexpensive and user-friendly

People think that surveillance work is overly complicated and reserved for spies and the FBI. Hollywood movies will have you believe that it takes a bunch of crazy hackers to do a bit of surveillance, but in real life things are much simpler than in the movies, as always. You have very affordable equipment available for both video and audio surveillance. This includes:

  • Compact cameras
  • Pen cameras
  • Cameras hidden in toys
  • Watch cameras
  • Portable microphone devices
  • Super small microphone devices
  • Microphones hidden in various objects
  • Sound recording devices

Micro cameras can be creatively masked as a number of things including a wristwatch, while microphones can be very small and fit in just about any nook and cranny within a room. You can place cameras and microphones in strategic places and have them record things or you can even listen in directly. You connect to audio devices via cell phone and simply listen in, and microphones can be hidden within simple objects no one suspects like a clock or computer mouse. You have special microphones that allow you to listen through walls and devices that you can fit on the tip of your finger, which can be placed in pockets of clothes or hidden inconspicuously on a messy desk. Even the standard models are quite small, smaller than an average pack of smokes, and can be placed in most rooms without rising suspicion.


Infidelity is no laughing matter, but it is fairly common and you are not completely wrong to have your doubts. If something really starts feeling fishy, it is better to have some facts before facing your partner and demanding explanation, and modern surveillance equipment is the simplest way to get some information. These devices are small, unobtrusive, often well-disguised and are very easy to use, making them ideal for the amateur detective.


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