Becketts Kopf - Simple Sophistication in Berlin

Though Berlin is normally known for its liberal nature and active bar and club scene, there are still quite a few gems of elegant outings available for the more discerning travelers out there. One of these such bars in Berlin is Becketts Kopf, which is an exclusive drinking location for those looking to get away from the high levels of noise and activity that are so prevalent through this bustling European vacation and business destination.


With no signs on the street or even a normal business front, Becketts Kopf provides guests with expertly crafted cocktails that are created by the utmost professional bartenders around. An equally superb bar to woo a client, date or just have a wonderful time in a great atmosphere, Becketts Kopf should be visited (and revisited) by anyone in Berlin. And, if you do make it to this fine bar, it is highly advised that you go out on a limb and order what the bartenders recommend: You won’t be disappointed.

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