How to Choose the Right Sofa Suite


When most people walk into a living room they tend to notice the decor, shape, and dimensions.  The furniture which populates the room often goes unnoticed on a first impression and this is exactly how it should be.The other aspect of buying a sofa suite is what kind of lifestyle do you and your family lead.  If it is a largely case of staying at home a lot, then the sofa is going to see plenty of action.  This means a sofa which can stand the punishment is needed. If it is only going to be used in the evening as you're a pretty active family then this will not be so much of an issue.A good choice of sofa suite will blend seamlessly into the design of the room, be laid out in such a way that makes sense and has a good use of aesthetics.  The look of the suite will match the feel of the room. The wrong choice of sofa suite will draw attention to itself and jar.  It will look out of place and become a talking point for all of the wrong reasons.  With this in mind let's look at how to choose the right sofa suite.The Feel of the RoomThough most designers talk about rooms in terms of contemporary, minimalistic, classic, traditional, you may have a bit of a mix and match scenario going on in your living room.  Most people do and so in many ways choosing the right sofa and chairs comes down to a feel.  There are many different types of styles where sofa suites are concerned.  It is a good idea to explore them all and that you keep an open mind.  Do not rule anything out until you have seen them all.  Apply a process of elimination until you are down to a few to choose from.The Color of your Sofa SuiteThe color of your sofa will be dictated by its surroundings.  You obviously need sofa colors which will blend with the decor and other furniture that will be present.  As the sofa and chairs will be the silent partner to the centre piece of the room, it is important they do not dominate the room but compliment it. FunctionalAny sofa suite has to have function as well as form.  In other words it has to be the right size and be comfortable.  Sofas and chairs which are uncomfortable to sit on are pointless.  The wrong shape, the wrong size, and the wrong number of chairs will make the sofa suite either unusable, or it will make the room look small.When you buy a sofa suite ensure it fits with the room.  You do not want a suite that is going to look too big and out of place.Once you have decided on the style, the color, and have ensured they are comfortable you will have a sofa suite which will last you for many years.Sofa suites are unsung heroes in any living room, and a good choice of suite will make all the difference to your quality of life.Richard Teahon writes about furniture including chairs, footstalls, and sofas. To gain an insight into sofa suites visit

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