Top 7 tips to Save Money on Printer Ink

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The usage of printers has increased to a massive level now, which has made them less expensive than what they actually were when they were developed. Although, the printers have become affordable yet one thing that disturbs most of the people, who use it on daily basis, is the money spent on the ink. Wasting ink is no big deal because we do it daily unintentionally. The high ink prices make people wonder that is there any way to save money on the printer’s ink.


We often hear about 3 “R’s” in education i.e. reading, writing, and arithmetic. Similarly, there are 3 “R’s” that can let you save money on ink and they are recycling, refilling, and reducing. Recycling and refilling don’t save ink but they surely do save money on printer’s ink.

Here are the top 7 ways with which you can easily save money on the printer’s ink:

1.     Run on economy mode

Set your printer at “economy mode.” Most of the printers give the option of economy or draft. You can find it in the properties section of your printer. This will save your ink but keep in mind that you will have to compromise on the quality of the copy. When you are printing an informal letter, a document, or even a draft for your personal use then you can use your printer in the economy mode. This will also help printing the page faster and the ink will not dry quicker.

2.     Check if your printer is really empty or not

Often the printer keeps on giving signals that you are out of ink when you have just recently replaced the cartridge. The manufactures have programmed the printers to inform the user about the ink when it is about to get empty. It is just a single before refilling, so it is better that you check the cartridge before simply throwing it away.


3.     Print usable portions only

Print only those portions of the documents, which you actually need. Do not print a document with multiple pages when you just need the middle content. It is better to select the area that is actually of your concern and discard the rest of the lines. The webpage that you might need to print will have ads, logos, and other links that will just eat away the ink. Cut the extra items to save ink. Use word processing programs to select the portion you want to read.

4.     Buy Compatible Cartridges

It is not always necessary that you buy the same brand cartridge as your printer. You can always purchase cheaper alternatives to save money. There are lots of compatible cartridges available, these days, which can produce the same quality results as that of the branded cartridges. They might not have a big brand name and a high price but still they will be just fine for regular printing.


5.     Be careful with turning off the printer


Never turn off the printer when it is in the middle of its cycle. Always turn it off when the cycle is completed otherwise the cartridge will keep moving and the head of the printer will be forced to stop. This will make the nozzle of the printer dry out within no time and the ink may leak too.


6.     Use the ink saving software


You can also use ink saving software. A number of companies have now started to produce the ink saving software and you can even download them for free. They optimize the data of the printer making it consume less ink even if it is printing high resolution pages.


7.     Don’t leave your printer idle

It might sound off track but using your printer less often can waste ink. The ink in the cartridges will dry out if it will be left unused. When you will come back to use it, you will find that the ink has been dried out. This can be a sheer waste of money. Even if you don’t need to use the printer much often then it is recommended to take out a black and white document in the draft or greyscale mode once a week. This will keep the ink alive for long.

Usually black ink cartridges are much cheaper than the colored ink cartridges but as most of us have to use printers often, we need both colored and black and white prints. Therefore, it is hard to avoid paying huge prices. However, by following these tips, you can save a considerable amount of money. Although printers are been drastically used yet still people don’t have enough knowledge of how to make the most out of the product, which is why they waste a lot of resources and complain about spending too much money.

By saving money on the ink, you can also save money on the paper. You can reuse the paper if it’s for your own use. If you need to purchase cartridges for your printer, professionals like Cartridge ink UK can provide you exactly the product that you need and even its cheap alternatives at affordable price.

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