Best Fashion Moments from 'Seinfeld'


Seinfeld may have been off the air for more than a decade, but its impact in popular culture is a legacy that's hard to ignore. This great piece discusses the best fashion moments from the show and the accompanying gallery will be a great romp through memory lane for anyone who followed the show like it was a religion (which is pretty much anyone who was alive during the 90s).


It’s rare that a sitcom resonates in the popular culture 15 years after its final episode—yeah, kids born after the show ended are now 15 and way cooler than you—but with '90s trends ebbing in and out of fashion over the past few years, Seinfeldian style is more relevant than your favorite celebrity stylist. Others have written about Jerry’s sneaker game and even George’s steady prep conventions, but Elaine’s gear could be straight out of a Vice editorial and your favorite Japanese designer is already crafting his Spring/Summer 2015 collection around Kramer’s funemployed lifestyle. Read More

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