Biel, Timberlake Spotted Strolling Through New York

Jessica and Justin in NYC

Young superstar celebrity couple Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake where spotted out and about in New York City, holding each other's hand and looking, well, like normal people going about their business. While I think Justin needs to get rid of his (apparently) favorite hat, his shoes look pretty slick and I wouldn't mind getting a pair like that. Likewise, I think Jessica's flats could have been better but that wool ( I'm guessing) jacket is pretty killer.


A day after helping out with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in the Rockaways, newlyweds Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake got affectionate by holding hands as they took a happily married stroll through NYC on Sunday.

It's been three weeks since Jessica and Justin were married at a super fancy wedding in Italy.

Thankfully, no homeless people were paid $40 to appear in this photo. Visit Original Article


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