BING's Most Searched Celebrities List from this Year

Kim Kardashian

Lia Toby/WENN

Other than Justin Bieber, the most-searched for celebrities on Bing through 2012 were predominately female (though I have heard many claim that Bieber is a girl, but I'm sticking to what is reported as fact), and they're all high-profile women (obviously) who have articles written about them on, more-or-less, a daily basis. The most-searched celebrity? None other than Kim Kardashian.


Being famous is very much like a popularity contest. And with every good or gritty detail about your favorite Hollywood stars just a few clicks away on the Internet, the more they're searched, the more beloved they become. From Kim Kardashian to Justin Bieber, click through to see who ended up being the Queen of Bing and which celeb fell out of favor on Bing's Most Searched Celebrities of 2012.

No. 10: Taylor Swift

This newcomer on the Bing's most-searched list started 2012 off with a bang by taking home two Grammys for her hit song "Mean." Read More


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