Bird watching tour in Corbett- A tour worth taking!

bird watch


Watching different kinds of birds and their activities enchants most of us though we might not be avid bird watchers. The colours of their feathers, the shape of their beaks, their chirping sounds, are all quite interesting to watch. Corbett National park, being situated in between the Himalayan foothills and the Indo-Gangetic plains, offers an excellent habitat for all kinds of birds, and therefore, this activity can be undertaken while one is staying at Corbett resorts. The forests, the hills and the wetlands of Corbett make up for about 650 species of birds in this region, which includes the long distance migrants as well.

Most of the resorts in Corbett would arrange for a bird watching tour on request and one can expect to see even the rare species of birds in different regions of Corbett. For example Sitabani is famous for Cinerous vulture, Crested Serpent eagle, Kestrel and hornbills. Dhikala zone boasts of species like Black Partridge, Red Junglefowl, Darter, Little Green Heron, Pond Heron, Common Peafowl, varieties of Lapwings, pigeons, Doves etc…In Bijrani, one can spot species like Spurwinged Lapwing, Pintailed green pigeon, Blue rock pigeon, Turtle dove, Rufous turtle dove, Indian ring dove, Spotted dove, Crested hawk eagle, Booted hawk eagle, Pallas fishing eagle, Himalayan greyheaded fishing eagle, Himalayan pied kingfisher and many more. Likewise, in the Jhirna zone of Corbett, the following species can be spotted: Common Peafowl, Redwattled Lapwing, Spurwinged Lapwing, Pintailed green pigeon, Blue rock pigeon, Turtle dove, Rufous turtle dove, Common kingfisher, Emerald dove, Alexandrine parakeet, Roseringed parakeet, Lossom headed parakeet, Common hawk and others. There are resort in Corbett national park which would plan a full itinerary based on a bird watching tour. They’ll take you through all the regions of the park so as to cover the maximum species of birds and the tour is definitely worth it.

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