Black-Tie Fashion Tips for Men - The Shirt

Okay, I completely understand the fact that the majority of men don't follow the fashion industry or even that most of us don't care about name-brand labels, manipulating an eye line or even making sure colors don't clash. For those guys, Put This On is running a great series that covers "dressing like a grownup" and men would be wise to take the advice. If only they understood how positive of an impact looking stylish would make on their lives...


While you can find fairly good deals on eBay for the tuxedo, it can be tougher when it comes to the shirt, especially if you have a preference for something that fits a bit more trim in the body and sleeve.

A few things you want to look for in a tuxedo shirt:

    French cuffs

    Placket should allow for studs (bib front) or use mother-of-pearl buttons (pleated front)

    White cotton that’s thinner, i.e.: poplin or broadcloth — avoid heavier weights

    Spread or wing collar

    Bib or pleated front (this means no pockets)

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