Book Review: Last Man in the Tower

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My interest in travel extends beyond work and I not only see films but also read books related to the destinations I cover. I have recently read a very interesting book by Aravind Adiga who writes books about India and who has, in my opinion, a gift for social observation. ‘The Last Man in Tower’ is a fascinating story about money, power, luxury and deprivation, set in the booming city of Mumbai.

Mumbai is a city that as a tourist, I believe, one can be initially overwhelmed by. All around you there is overcrowding whether it is the traffic, the skyscrapers or sheer number of people on the streets. With the correct guides, however, I learnt to love this vibrant modern Indian city and many of my clients have too.

I have been reading the ‘The Last Man in Tower’ on the tube, in my lunch breaks and to be honest at every free moment. I highly recommend it to those of you who have experienced India. Aravind Adiga’s writing style in both this book and his man booker prize winning novel ‘The White Tiger’ reminded me of so many characters I have met on holidays in India. When reading his books I am sucked into a very different way of life and whilst his writing can be depressing and slightly morbid there are also humorous character life stories throughout.

In ‘The Last Man in Tower’ my favourite aspect is the descriptions throughout that bring to life a real community spirit amongst neighbours who have originated from all across the country with their differing social, economic and religious backgrounds and who come together as friends.


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