Braided Rugs and 10 Reasons why you should Purchase them

There are many reasons why you may buy a particular carpet. Braided rugs are one of the preferable floor covers for home interiors. You can even use it for outdoor. Let us look into top 10 reasons why you should buy these carpets for your rooms.

1.      Friendly to High Traffic Areas

These carpets are well to do in high traffic areas. You can place them on pathways and passageways. You can even get braided stair treads. You may even use them as doormats. These carpets do not wear easily.

2.      Thick Pile

Carpets with thick pile are best for outdoor areas. You can even consider these rugs for home interiors. These carpets can take on the stress of footing very well. Wool braided rugs of thick pile can be used in kitchen and bathroom. They can soak leaks and keep the region free of wetness.

3.      Long Lasting

You can buy these carpets as they have a long shelf life. An average braided rug can last for 10 years or more. This definitely reduces your expenses. You do not have to buy new carpets after every few years.

4.      Harsh Weather Resistant

These carpets can last in any kind of a season. It is best for winter themed home interiors. They are resistant to wear and tear. This makes them effective in the long run. You can buy leak absorbent carpets of this type for areas that may be prone to wetness or leakages.

5.      Pet Friendly

You will find these carpets to be pet friendly. They are also reliable for kid’s rooms. You can install one of these carpets in pet play area. You can even lay them on the floor for firmer grip of foot on the ground.

6.      Easy to Store

You can store these carpets without much of a hassle. They are easy to roll. You can pack them up neatly in boxes. You should store them in a place that is cool and dry. You can put in few pests resistant pellets before you store these carpets.

7.      Keeps area Free of Dust

Braided rugs also keep room floor free of dust. They can collect debris and foreign material on their surface. This makes the room look spick and span. You can clean this rug with a vacuum cleaner.

8.      Worth the Price

These rugs are definitely worth their price. They are long lasting and also beautiful. These carpets always stay on trend. Many interior designers and floor planners advise on getting these rugs for home interiors.

9.      Delivers Warmth to Floor

These carpets also keep the floor warm. They can be very soothing to your feet. You can choose this carpet for any room. They can also suit hearth area. The thick pile allows this rug to retain warmth in their yarn and keep the floor insulated.

10.  Settles on Floor with Ease

These rugs can settle on the floor comfortably. It gives a person strong grip on the floor. This carpet is helpful in preventing slipping on the floor. You can create nice visual appeal with these carpets. You may lay them in the bedroom and other focal area.

AUTHOR BIO: Kathy Hall is a professional writer on carpets and interior decoration. She also suggest how to use braided rugs. You can read her blogs at


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