Brand Name Glasses: Are They Worth It?

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You may well be due for a new pair of specs or sunglasses to see you through, but which are the best ones to go for? Designer glasses can be expensive, but then again the cheaper ones can be poorly made.

So, how do you spot a fake?

1.       The Price – this is a dead giveaway that these weren’t made with the finest quality materials. If they’re £5 and sold from a pop up table, you should probably have a hunch that all that glitters is not gold. 

2.       The Logo – If the tags and stickers have a logo that doesn’t look quite right and that comes off with a light scratch, it’s a fake. Imitations just don’t ring true.

3.       The UV sticker – All glasses that provide proper UV protection should come with an official sticker to prove it. The degree of protection should be stated too so that your peepers are kept safe and sound.

4.       The Materials – Most fakes will have stiff hinges which will creak and pop when they are moved. The arms on designer glasses should move easily with smoothness.

5.       Packaging- If your glasses come in a poorly made box or an unbranded case they will probably not be real either. Packaging is a big deal with big designers.

6.       Origin- If you notice a sticker stating they’re made in China or India, they aren’t real. Good quality products are usually made near the designers fashion houses and not made far away in cheap, large batches.

So once you know that you have a pair of fakes, what’s the deal? Some think its fine to wear their cheap mocks but there can be health risks and problems ahead, such as lenses that aren’t shatter-proof, UV damage to the eye, strain on your eyes and headaches with poor frames. On top of that you can often be left with your fakes, £50 down with no guarantee when they undoubtedly break.

So next time you see a pair of so-called Prada sunglasses for under £50, remember the tell-tale signs and steer clear!

Do you have a preference with your glasses or had any stories to share?


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