Brand New Clearinghouse Registry for Venues and Entertainers

Are you a club, coofe shop, bar and restaurant that hires entertainers?  Ever have a performer cancel on you at the last minute?

Gigarama provides a "dating service" for the entertainment industry so that venues like you can find good entertainers to fill your needs.  Take a look at the new website and on-line business called Gigarama at: and sign up for a free trial.  It's very affordable at $20.00 a month! 

Call Norman Igar at (818) 515 -4188 for more info or e-mail me at


My husband, Norman and I opened a new on-line business service January 1, 2013! Gigarama is proud to announce a new format of an old concept. Gigarama is a professional registry clearinghouse for the entertainment industry. We help venues find performers, and performers find venues. Members are able to search our database by key words, genres, cities and zip codes. Members can manage their...(Read More)

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