Break Habit and Incorporate Velvet into Your Makeup and Nails


Many people have a collection of very strict habits when it comes to their fashion and makeup routines, and breaking away from them can be leave many people feeling uncomfortable or even vulnerable while they go about their day. One of the easiest ways to ease into a change is to start with the nails before taking a similar jump with something more visible like lipstick, eye shadow or blush.


Is it just us, or is everyone in the beauty world going crazy for velvet? Velvet in the fall fashion cycle typically means kitschy leggings and smart blazers, but now makeup companies are translating the soft richness and pearl-like sheenof the material into makeup—creating velvet lipsticks, shadows, blush, and even velvet nail innovations. With its deep colors and luxurious feel, the fabric is the perfect inspiration for cosmetics, making these new beauty items on their way to becoming classics. Read on and prepare to be hooked on the texture! Read More

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