Bringing the Outdoors In With a Sun Room

The outdoor world of nature is one that appeals to many people. Many take inspiration from it and let it influence their indoor decor and style. Taking this one step further is a sun room, built with nature in mind and designed to promote the benefits of both indoor and outdoor life.

The Home Improvement Bug
With the cost of buying a new home constantly climbing many people today are choosing instead to stay put and instead spend time and money on expanding their current home. Not only does this add value to any property, but it is a fantastic way in which to add much valued and generally much needed space to a home.

Home improvement covers a range of alterations, from repainting the hallway to replacing the furniture to adding whole rooms onto your home. The popularity of building extensions has seen a sharp spike in popularity in recent years, allowing people to create new bedrooms, dining areas and even garden rooms off the original frame of their house.

The Benefits of Nature
Nature has an undeniably beneficial effect on humankind. 'Getting back to nature' is one common phrase that only serves to emphasize its positive, healing effects on the human psyche. Calming, relaxing and a great escape from the daily grind, nature and greenery hold much appeal. It is little surprise, therefore, that people feel drawn to areas of natural beauty, picking houses located next to green spaces and building garden rooms to best appreciate the outside locale.

Bringing Nature Indoors
With such appreciation for greenery existing in the minds and hearts of many people, home decor is often used to try and reflect and embrace this. Calming green colours are a popular choice in interior design, as are floral fabrics and wallpapers that help soften sharp edges and provide an uplifting aura to a room. In most homes, live plants are to be found in pots in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and living rooms. All this helps to lend an air of freshness to the potentially flat, lifeless character of a house.

The Indoor-Outdoor Balance of a Sun Room
taking this one step further, many people choose to build whole rooms dedicated to connecting with the outdoors. A popular type of home extension, sun rooms, also referred to as conservatories, is largely glass structures that are constructed on the outside of an existing house. They allow people an appreciation of the surrounding outdoor landscape and greenery whilst simultaneously sheltering them from the adverse weather conditions that can often undermine an outdoor experience. In this way, sun rooms truly offer the ideal balance of nature with indoor comfort.

People have always lived in correlation with nature, drawing a number of positive effects from its calming ambience. It is no surprise, therefore, that people are keen to bring the influence of nature into their lives and into their homes. One fantastic way to achieve this balance is through a sun room, which allows the best of both indoor and outdoor worlds to be appreciated from the comfort of home.

Jane Martin writes on a regular basis for a range of building and interior design websites and magazines. She has worked on a number of real build projects, most recently in the construction of garden rooms for improved home use.

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