British Duo Create World's most Powerful Table

Turbine Table


In October 2012 Lancelot Lancaster White announced that it was developing the ‘World’s Most Powerful Table ~ The Turbine Table’ in partnership with Racing Gold, the innovative company that brought you Red Bull Racing F1′s PART OF THE TEAM.

With an asking price in the region of $700,000.00 it was sure to create a stir and so it has done. The table is based on its key component, an RB211 Jet Engine, manufactured by Rolls Royce using aircraft grade Titanium and and capable of creating 145,000 lbs of thrust at 400mph. “Titanium prices at an all time high these components are at a real premium and have proved extremely difficult to acquire”, says John Haigh from Racing Gold.

The Turbine Table  uses the RB211 Jet Engine as its base using the rotor hub and blades. These take approximately 3 months of dedicated polishing to bring them to the condition we are aiming for. Then we will add the Nose Cone which is a facsimile copy of the original but handmade in silver. This is then surmounted by a large Ruby. The table top is a little over 3 metres in diametre and is formed from a single piece of glass. The entire unit will sit on a bespoke cut marble base.

Once constructed the Nose Cone will have a state of the art conference call system installed which will illuminate the Ruby when in operation, so never a wrong word is said.

The project is has been designed and developed by Racing Gold & Lancelot Lancaster White, with concept design lead by LLW and skilled work carried out by members of the Racing Gold team. This is an example of British companies working together for  mutual joint interest with the resulting object greater than the sum of its parts. As a semi-bespoke product the table will be completed to the clients specifications. allowing choices in overall dimension, height and certain finishes.

The table can be ordered by contacting Lancelot Lancaster White directly through their website.

Paul Miller

Paul Miller writes for Lancelot Lancaster White a British company making handmade, limited edition Luxury products and one-off luxury artefacts. Made from rare, precious and ancient materials, crafted by traditional skilled and dedicated artisans. Paul's experience comes from more than 20 years designing and manufacturing bespoke furniture and interiors for corporate, government and private client...(Read More)

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