Bulletproof Fashion in Style

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Looking impervious to taking a bullet to the chest is one of the odder fashion trends I've seen in a long time. While I'm all for functional clothing, this seems to be taking the concept a little too far.


In the five months since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, manufacturers of bulletproof clothing and body armor say sales have been unprecedented. The companies aren't just selling tactical vests, but also bulletproof jackets, dress suits, windbreakers, T-shirts – even ballistic corsets, kimonos and a wetsuit.

The majority of their customers, as might be expected, are buying bullet-resistant clothing for safety reasons. Miguel Caballero, a major bulletproof clothing company based in Colombia, says its products are sold to business executives, law enforcement, foreign correspondents, and world presidents in 11 countries – any VIP with a security concern. Read More

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